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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to clean the coils of any build-up that can restrict airflow and cause the compressor to overheat. We recommend cleaning every 6 Months especially if you have pets in the home.

The freezer should be set at 0 degrees. The refrigerator should be set between 35-38 degrees.

For most appliances, you can find the numbers printed on a sticker around the frame of the door or inside the unit.

There is a website called where you can enter your model and serial number to find the approximate age of your appliance.

Depending on the availability of the part needed, if the part is in stock locally we normally receive the part in 1-2 business days. If the part comes from the factory it can take 10-14 business days. In some instances, the manufacturer may have a longer delay in the manufacturing of the part.

The smell is caused by the grease and food that your oven is burning off. When possible, it is a good idea to open windows in the home for ventilation.

Here in Texas, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, your fridge or freezer will have to work harder to stay cool which can put added stress on the function of the unit.

Depending on the brand of appliance we recommend having a diagnostic performed on the unit to determine the cost for repair. The cost of repair will determine if the unit should be replaced or fixed. That being said there is one appliance we will always recommend replacing without a diagnostic and that is a space-saver microwave because the diagnostic fee will be the majority cost of a new unit.

It is a requirement to remove all Freon from the system before disposing of the unit. The unit needs to be tagged by a licensed servicer showing that Freon has been removed.

It is possible that you are using too much detergent. Refer to the instructions to find the proper amount to use.

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